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Why Did You Post That?

I wanted to have a little chat about the content that I post on Instagram, and in turn what YOU should be posting!

I think it’s so so so important that we actually realize the purpose and intention behind certain strategies!

Ahem…yes friend your social media should have intention and strategy.


I see you, you sister who is still in school or new on the floor checking out and about to click off of this post like,

“Oh, I don’t need this yet, I’m not there yet.”


Being present on social media isn’t optional anymore, it’s just not! And when I talk to most people who are floundering with what to even post it’s because they don’t even know why to post or what they should BE posting!

So, I’m going to share a bit of my strategy in the hopes that maybe it will cause some DING DING moments for you!

If you’ve been following along with me for a bit you could probably pick out two things that I consistently post other than educational tips.

1. Coffee

2. Memes

If you didn’t guess those, shame. Jk if you didn’t guess those I wanna know what else I’m missing.

Yes, coffee is a food group so obviously we should post about it.

Yes, memes are funny and who doesn’t like to laugh so that’s a no brainer.

Right? WRONG!

That is not AT ALL. Why I post about coffee or why I create my memes!

All of my posts are centered on 3 strategies. Those strategies revolve around my core values!

What?! I thought Missy was just a dork who posted silly stuff…I know right?! Me too sometimes.

I have used posts about coffee as an introduction to me! What?!


Coffee is something I love, so just there you’re getting a little insight into me. But, through coffee posts, I’ve also talked about how I’m a mom, talked about my dog, and even my life as a hairstylist!

BOOM. Hey there! Introduction.

Posting memes stemmed from one of my core values as a human and for So You’re a Hairstylist. And that is, FUN!

I am a freakin hard worker and love doing it, but I HAVE to be able to laugh and have fun.

Memes quickly became a way for me to engage with YOU! You relate and so you comment and then we get to chat. Or, you relate and so you share it with a friend!

I’m not just posting something funny because it gets good engagement metrics and a repost. As silly as this sounds, jokes and memes actually are a representation of what I want my brand to stand for!

So what about you?!

Your posts should all be strategized in 3 categories.

These 3 points will give you focus, direction and flexibility when it comes to putting yourself out there!

1. Introduce

Who are you?

And just a single picture of you as “the face behind the hair page” once a year with 10 facts. Someone should be able to come to your page and be able to see little pieces of who you are without having to look super far!

2. Engage

How can you get your audience to interact with you?

In this case you need to know who they are…that’s a blog for another day, but let me just say this…if you are not talking to new or existing clients you better be fully booked, work for a brand, or be an independent educator.

Engaging is a call to action! Something that is sparking interaction, persuading them to book, or getting them to tell your friends about you!

3. Educate

Your social should be used to be constantly teaching your new and current guests!!! This is such a safe place where you can start to cultivate yourself as an expert!

Don’t just post that picture of hair! Post the hair and then who it’s perfect for! Or why it was so perfect of that guest! Or, what product you used to make it styled so amazingly and why everyone needs it!

Now you can look at these 3 items and be overwhelmed at yet another “rule” to follow, or another strategy to try and put in place.


You can take these 3 strategies and view them as FREEDOM! View them as a roadmap if you’re out there and stuck and feeling like you have no freaking clue what you’re doing on social.

Don’t sit back and think of all of the excuses for why you CAN’T and DON’T post on social media.

In order to kickstart, grow or sustain your business you HAVE to be present! But, hey there I’m here to help!!

You can do this!

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