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What's in Her Bag? Featuring Kelli Mason

Kelli is the creator of Limitless Hairdresser, owner of Lux Salon in Michigan, my mentor, and this just in, Eufora Hair Colorist of the Year!

You guys, if you missed this one you seriously missed out. Kelli legit doesn’t even have a purse IRL. She carries around a Timbuktoo backpack her sister got her for Christmas as her every day bag.

Guys, we aren’t talking about one of the new trendy mini purse backpacks. This is a capital B backpack. She takes this on all of her travels and to and from her salon every day.

Deep within the many, many pockets of her bag she unearthed some super fun stuff!

I did make her narrow down her options since girlfriend even had a backup Express necklace in-case she might have to go out somewhere! (Y’all I am lucky if I remember my wedding rings, so that is goals right there.)

Kelli’s Top 4

1. Lavender Oil

She gets hers from a local store and even uses it in a room mist for her Beyond Business class. Not gonna lie, a little jealous that I couldn’t smell through the phone since she started dabbing it everywhere while we were Live.

2. Journal

Kelli actually found a journal that says, “You are Limitless”, the entire foundation of the movement she is spreading with Limitless Hairdresser. She said she is a big fan of pen to paper when it comes to dreaming, manifesting and just getting her thoughts out on paper.

3. Mac Book Pro

I mean I think that goes without saying that girlfriend probably always has some work to do between owning a salon and being an independent educator. Luckily, she has room for it all since she basically walks around town with luggage!

4. Crystals

Not even kidding Kelli had a large handful in her bag. Each crystal has a reason why it is in her bag and always with her.

My personal favorite thing that was in her bag was a perfume I have never heard of before!

She had a roller ball by Hyde and Alchemy in Oud Citron. I’m attaching the link here https://www.hydealchemy.com/ because you’re going to want to check it out!

Make sure if you havn’t already check out and follow Kelli at @_kellimason_ and @limitlesshairdresser

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