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What's in Her Bag? Featuring Haley Davis

Haley is a hair industry branding and web design guru. I’m pretty sure we connected by chance through Instagram and immediately slid into each others DMs. Haley is a fellow self-help, business related book nerd and a flipping blast to talk to.

Let’s just recap this takeaway if you missed it. Haley’s go to cheat meal is Chick Fil A (she in fact cleaned receipts out of her bag beforehand to not out herself on frequency of visits) and she has got the order game DOWN!!! She gets a Chick Fil A sandwich, wait for it, WELL DONE! What?! I didn’t even know that was a thing! Apparently it makes your sandwich extra crispy and even better, as if that were possible! And, she says if you really want to level up your sandwich you dip it in the garlic and herb ranch. Basically I need to go order that right now.

Haley had two bags to show us. One was a super cute medium sized cross body designed by Kelly Wynne…she also had the matching wallet.


Her go to for when she knows she needs all the things, or in her words “if the apocalypse happens” is a Calpak backpack. Which, she pointed out was 100% sold to her via Instagram marketing.

(not gonna lie, Instagram has tried to sell me that backpack multiple times and I might actually need it now)

Her apocalypse pack might not get us very far in the way of food (all she had were Ice Breakers fruity mints) but, we will be well prepared with multiple lip shades.

Haley’s Go To's

1. Loreal Infallible lip gloss in “Dose of Cocoa”

2. Unlined notebook from Michaels

Haley actually manually sketches her web pages before she goes to create them.

3. Nail File

She was really big on the nail file saying it helps her keep from biting her nails when she gets anxious! Brilliant!

4. Passion Planner

Haley credits the Passion Planner with helping her set her intentions for the day better! The planner is blocked out into 30 min increments and even has space to dream and goal set! (You know that’s a win in my book!)

5. YouTube Script

Girlfriend just filmed her first of, I’m sure, many YouTube educational series all geared towards branding. She gathered her thoughts on a script to make sure she knew exactly what she wanted to say before she walked into the studio. Haley recommended even scripting out or gathering your thoughts for a Live or IGTV to make you feel more confident and make sure you are getting the message you want across!

At the end of our Live I found out it was her FIRST EVER live!!! If you were there then you know, she knocked it out of the park. It was so much fun and Haley was an absolute joy to chat with! She even dropped some branding and marketing knowledge bombs here and there.

If you aren’t already, make sure you check out and follow Haley @haleydavisbrandinganddesign

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