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What's in Her Bag? Featuring Allyson M

Holy actual cow you guys. Hanging out live with Allyson for an hour was so much stinking fun. I really hope you got to see it!

We got off subject probably 400 times and ended up in a very deep discussion about facial cleansing regimens.

Allyson was hanging out with her glass of wine ready to just hang with the girls…and I was TOTALLY here for it.

First off, her bag is amaze. She is a hard-working boss and saved her money to buy the Louis Vuitton Never Full tote…the one with the pink inside obvs. She even had it monogramed with her initials. One, problem though, her monogram is about to change because she is getting married in a few months! But never fear friends, Allyson is no dummy and has already secured a new bag with her NEW monogram as a wedding gift from her soon to be hubby.

She had so many good things in her bag it would be 5 pages long for me to write them all out, so I’m going to round up a few favorites.

Business Cards: Yes, you guys, business cards! Allyson has a very impressive Instagram following, and her own website and she still carries around business cards. She talked about how she is never afraid to leave them wherever she feels her ideal client might be hanging out!

Fringe Planner and Notebook: She is a self-proclaimed Maxx-inista and finds her Fringe goodies there! She told us that she starts every morning with journaling 3 things that she is grateful for. LOVE THIS!

All the lip things: We dove pretty deep into what Allyson uses for her lips on the regular. Her go to fave is a lip mask by Laneige (neither of us could pronounce it). She uses the Drunk Elephant lip mask at night…she actually said it was her “ish” and swears by the Agave Bite lip mask.

Quote from Nana: She carries around a quote with her from her Nana. First of all, I can’t even with how much I love the sentiment and meaning. But, the quote itself would be a good one for all of us to carry around!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”

Allyson is special you guys. She is feisty and driven, and I have no doubt that she is headed for great things.

Do yourselves a favor and if you aren’t, make sure you are following her @allyson_m_

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