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The Biggest Mistake I've Made

I know you’re probably waiting for me to tell you how I cut someone or made their hair fall out or had a client yell at me.

BELIEVE YOU ME, there are plenty of those stories. I think we all could write our own books of mistakes we’ve made behind the chair.


This mistake goes beyond that. It goes to the root and the core of how I viewed my time, my business, and money. It really penetrates how I ended up working 60 + hour weeks behind the chair and eventually burnt out.

When I went out as an independent stylist, I was young...like 20 years young. I had no idea what I was doing. Like none, and we’re talking the ice ages before Instagram was a thing...so like we had to use books and random internet forums and stuff.

I am pretty scrappy, so I figured out how to get busy pretty fast. Awesome right? Right. Until it’s not.

Because, if you are fully booked and working full time and then want to start making more money you have to make some pretty big decisions.

As in, you gotta learn how to put on your big girl panties.


I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to have to hard conversations, I didn’t want to disappoint people, it felt good to be that busy so I didn’t want to do anything to rock the boat right?

Are you tracking with me here? I’m fully booked with a waitlist and working 40 hours and would like to make more money or have nicer things. So what to do?


This is where my biggest mistake takes flight.

Instead of doing the hard thing upfront to set me up for success. I decided to do the easy thing upfront that would eventually set me up for failure.

Want a new car? Awesome just add 3 extra full foils a month and you’re there!

Want to buy a house? Perfect! Just work one more half-day a week and your mortgage is paid for!

See how quickly 60 hour weeks happened. This is a textbook case of working harder and most definitely not smarter.

Holy actual MOLY, you guys this is freaking terrible!

I wish I had someone to tell me how WRONG this way of thinking and doing business was. So, I’m telling you.

Don’t do it!

If you want to make more money, if you have goals of purchases you would like to make, if you just want to see just how successful your career as a stylist can be...the answer does not lie in working an insane amount of hours.

I’m going to put on my old lady readers and put my hair up in a bun and break it down for you in a proper elderly fashion (I hope you are picturing this visual like I am cause it’s making me laugh).

If you are brand new or building, don’t set financial goals yet!

-Set booking goals!

-Learn how to scale and build your business with the prices you are at.

-Push yourself to up your pre-book and client retention numbers.

-Instead of price increases, start thinking in terms of service increases (think glosses, treatments and retail).

-Get your week behind the chair FULLY booked!

If you can learn how to master these skills at your current pricepoint you are giving yourself a solid platform to SOAR.

If you are to a point where you are booked out and starting a waitlist now we need to start talking numbers NOT hours.

-Don’t start adding hours to your schedule to accommodate your waitlist.

-Don’t start adding hours to begin making more money.

-Start coming up with real numbers of what you are making and a new goal of what you would like to make!!

-Build your price increase strategy on this number! Not just some arbitrary percentage on your services!

I realize that if you work in a salon with a level system the prices are already laid out for you, but that doesn’t have to keep you from coming up with your own personal paycheck goals!!

Whether you are an independent or employed the power in our industry is that the sky is the limit with your growth.


Do you want to be like me and get scared to do the hard thing or do you want to see how far you can fly?

I for one cannot wait to see how far you fly. Because, well, I just know that you’re going to.

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