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Summertime Sales

Historically for me, summer sort of shakes up my schedule a little bit. I am in and out of town, and my clients are as well! Some clients even choose to go longer between appointments because of extra sun exposure helping them stay lighter longer. (I live in South Florida ya’ll, lives are lived outside in the summer.)

So, as we approach this summer, I did some brainstorming about how you could increase your sales just because of the season!

You can even start recommending these suggestions now to make time for your client’s next appointment.

When clients are stretching time out between appointments, that is a great time to recommend some simple add-ons to keep their looks top notch!

Did someone say work smarter not harder?

In-salon treatments are huge here!!! Pool hair, beach hair, sun hair all equal drier hair! This is a perfect spot to add on a nice mask while their color is processing, or a more intensive treatment at the end!

I am currently loving B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner and Truss Infusion treatments.

The B3 I offer as an add on scheduled service because it requires its own processing time. If you don't have the time, the Truss Infusion can be applied on their ends while they are processing! Both are amazing!

This time of year is when I also hit Malibu treatments hard. Clients are looking for solutions to chlorine and you can come right to their rescue!

So, you’ve covered what you can do in the salon. Now you REALLY get to kick your retail recommendations into high gear!

Align yourself as the expert and explain to them the products that are THE BEST FIT for them to get through the summer months.

Things like, leave-in conditioners, anti-humidity sprays, UV protection and clarifying products are going to be big here!

People are looking for solutions to summer hair woes, and if you don’t offer them, they will look for them elsewhere.


Use the next month to really be the expert on keeping their hair the happiest and healthiest in this season. They will appreciate your extra attention to their needs, and it will result in a nice little up sale bonus for you!!!

Do you have some favorite summer recommendations? I’d love to hear!!! Feel free to shoot an email to missy@soyoureahairstylist or dm me @soyoureahairstylist !

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