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Success Without a Plan

Have you ever accidentally won? Stumbled into something good and just gone with it?

When I was thinking about this, I started thinking about the first time I ever played a slot machine. It was over our cruise this past January, and my game of choice was…wait for it, “Honey Bear.” Ha!!! I can’t even. I would naturally gravitate towards the machine that looks like it belongs at Chuck E Cheese.

I put some money in, honest to God had no idea what I was doing, and hit the button. I hit it again. And again. Somehow, I hit the button right and the Honey Bear got some bees to come out and play and then there was a honey pot and the machine was very excited…I had no idea what was happening. Long story short, I doubled my lofty bet of $40. Heyo!

I won accidentally, but that win could have quickly taken me down a slippery slope of button pressing if I hadn’t had to go meet my in-laws at dinner. My adrenaline was up, I was on that winners high!

Do you see where I’m going here?

I want you to develop a strategy for success. I don’t want you to win accidentally. But, do we always get to control everything in life? No, much to my dismay. So, what happens if we do win bigger than we planned, our business blows up faster than we thought, or we get into working at the salon of our dreams even though we didn’t feel qualified? We need to be able to quickly and intentionally take that success and turn it into a plan.

Success without a plan is a short-term win that becomes a long-term roadblock.

Ugh Debbie Downer over here! NO! I want you to win! But I want you to win and proceed with intention!

When I went out on my own as an independent stylist, I was 20. Ya’ll “I had no clue” is an understatement. I went out on my own and started winning. I started building this crazy book of business. I started making more money than I had known was possible at such a young age. I started being asked for advice from people who had previously been my mentors.

But, here’s where it turns, because I reached success and I didn’t develop a plan.

Crazy book of business became: I worked 60 hours a week without a proper scaling strategy. I got burnt out and started going through the motions of hair. I spent my days off trying to recover from what I had given away during my work day all while trying to “show up” for my new born and husband (Spoiler alert…I never felt like I was “showing up” for anyone.)

Making money became: acquiring really nice expensive things because I could. Fun right? Not when you have worked yourself into burn out and you now have to maintain that pace to pay your new mortgage and car payment. You with me here?

Being asked for advice: was embarrassing because I wanted to quit! I was over it all! So how could I tell you how to do it?!

So, here’s what we are all going to do together, ok? We are going to dream big dreams. We are going to set huge goals. We are going to pursue reaching our highest potential. We are going to jump in! You are going to press that imaginary button on the Honey Bear machine (sorry not sorry.)


We are not going to win and then just ride the win, k? When we win by accident, or lord willing on purpose, we are going to center ourselves to create a new plan on how to proceed from there.

I want to be in this for the long haul! I want YOU to be in this for the long haul with me!

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