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Stop Comparing Yourself

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Stay in your lane!

Do you ever start scrolling on your social media feeds and it feels like everyone is better, busier and more established than you?

Stop that!

I made it through my beginning years of being a hairstylist during the recession. Sometimes you have to adjust with the times yes, but I promise you if there was enough hair to go around then, there still is now.

Here's the deal. Your following and engagement on social media do not directly measure your bottom line in the salon.

Someone could have the hugest following and platform ever and still have gaps in their schedule...likewise, someone could have a very small following and be slammed behind the chair banging out the most amazing looks you've ever seen.

Do not use that number as a value on YOU as a stylist. That is a horrible horrible mindset to put yourself in. I have done it!!! I'm sure if we are honest with ourselves we all have.

Use your social media as a tool, period. Allow Instagram to be your portfolio, your way to reach new clients, and an outward expression of who you genuinely are. The stylist who have gained huge followings...good on them!!! But I guarantee you even they will tell you that Instagram has not written them a paycheck, rather, it has been a tool for them to gain their success.

So...don't compare yourself.

Don't try to execute their vibe. What is your jam? What do you like doing? Are you a mom? Do you like coffee? Do you binge watch Bravo?

The biggest compliment I think I have ever received was a client saying how much they loved following my IG because it felt like they were just hanging out at the salon with me. THAT IS HUGE! What I am translating through to them is exactly what they are experiencing in my chair.

Scroll and admire. Scroll and get inspiration. Scroll and get a good laugh. DO NOT scroll and compare yourself.

You are amazing just who you are...stay in your lane, don't try and hop over into theirs.

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