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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

The Amount of Time You Have Been in the Industry Does Not Matter

Do you ever feel embarrassed when your clients ask, “So how long have you been doing hair?”

Even if you’ve been in the industry for many years, it’s a little bit of a scary question! Are they actually curios? Are they judging you?

I strongly dislike that question. And it’s one I get almost every single time I have a new guest! I have a young face, I look like I could still be in high school. Sometimes, it can make a client feel as if they’re getting a service from an inexperienced professional.

Well, I’m here to tell you that…the amount of time you have been in the industry DOES NOT MATTER.

If you’ve been in the industry for 6 months, or if you have been in it for 20 years, it doesn’t matter! What matters is that you’re highly educated and will deliver a great service to your clients.

Go to your classes, keep up on trends, follow leading artists, and stay ahead of the game.

“She’s been doing hair for 6 years longer than I have.” Or “when I started doing hair, Balayage wasn’t a thing, so I am not going to learn it.” Is not an excuse.

No matter your age or your experience, GOOD hair comes from GOOD education!

Props to all of the “older generation” stylists who get out of their comfort zone and try the new trendy things. And, shout out to the fresh beauty school babes who have a burning passion to do awesome hair, and continue to grow.

Your experience does not define you and your work speaks for itself.

By: Alyssa Cienega @glampaintedhair

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