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Rise and Shine

For the past several months I have been trying something new.

I wanted to really try it out before I shared it, so that I could really share with you my results!

The way my schedule is right now, I do not have a day where I wake up and don’t have somewhere to be. It’s a season we are in, and for a while, if I’m completely honest, I was having a pity party for myself.

Like “I wish I had a day to just wakeup and stay in my jammies, drink a whole cup of coffee and just BE.”

WELL, that in its entirety is a unicorn right now! I am wanting something, and whining about something that literally can’t happen, so do I just stay there? Allow myself to be annoyed, build resentment, and get caught up in the hustle?

I mean I sort of did, BUT then I took control.

Sometimes being a control freak serves me some good!

I decided that if I couldn’t have a “day” to sit for an hour before I started my day, I was going to make it for myself.

Every morning now, I wake up an hour before my kids. No, I am not a morning person, or a night owl for that matter. I am that meme of a constantly tired pigeon…ha!

I wake up an hour early. Literally, the only thing that gets me out of bed is the idea of coffee, like that Folgers commercial. I stumble to my couch with coffee, my phone, headphones and a notebook.

I sit for a few minutes and drink my coffee just waking up. Then I start writing out my intentions for the day. (Listen I know I use that word a lot, but it’s my word for the year, so it’s not going anywhere, sorry.)

I write out what I want to get done, how I want to treat my kids, how I want to show up for my husband. I write whatever comes to mind. I write it out so that later in the day when my kids are acting A FOOL I can remember that I wrote “I am a present and available mom, I am patient.” (Maybe I should start writing, “I will not lock my kids in a closet when they drive me crazy.” jk I would never do that.)

Then, I spend time TRYING to meditate. This is a work in progress for me. My mind is so wound tight that it’s like a spool of thread spinning out when I try to shut it down. To help, I’ve downloaded the Mindset app and am working through 5 min meditations! It allows me to clear my mind, seek wisdom for my day and really start fresh!

You guys! Coffee + Intentions + Meditation is changing my weeks! I no longer crave a day to just “BE” because I am spending time centering my mind EVERY DAY!

Now, I need you to hear this. I DO NOT have it all figured out. I AM going to skip and set snooze sometimes. AND, I still lose my cool during the day as hard as I may try.


The change that I am feeling, the clarity of mind, and the presence I am experiencing in each moment ever since I have started this practice has been so BIG that I want it for you! I knew I needed to share it.

Do you have a practice for the mornings? Something you do every day that sets your day on the right track? I would love to hear yours! Sharing is caring!!!

Let me know @soyoureahairstylist or email me missy@soyoureahairstylist.com

Xo Missy

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