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Protect Your Feet

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Picture a girl, 18, thinking she's all fancy...you with me?? She likes to work 11 hour days bent over a shampoo bowl in heels or stupid pointy shoes that squeeze her toes together. Comfort to her means her shoes aren't rubbing her newly forming bunions.

Ok, ok. Obviously that girls is me.

Holy crud. There needs to be a chapter, a unit, a video series, something in beauty school about protecting our feet! (or if there is I completely missed it)

Our bodies are not designed to stand in the positions that we do for the length of time we do. Yes, the newer mats to stand on help...but they aren't enough! I didn't wise up to the shoe game until about 2 years ago and I am KICKING myself that I didn't sooner. I am in my thirties and can't stand for any period of time now without wearing ORTHOTICS (my secret weapon) or my lower back starts feeling like I'm going to die.

I have noticed that if I don't have on the right shoes even my works suffers! I'm not saying I'm giving a bad haircut because my feet and back hurt, but I am distracted and fatiguing way faster during the day than I am when I wear the right support.

Do you need to wear SAS shoes? (please direct you attention below for a good laugh)

Ha!!! My grandfather "swears by these".

Heck to the no this is not what we are wearing girls. I have made it my little mission to find the best looking, most comfortable shoes that I can and I'm going to share my list with you!

Missy's "my feet are happy" list:

1. Remember my secret weapon? Go to Walmart or CVS and stand on that weird Dr. Scholls foot thing (for the love wipe it with a clorox wipe first). This will tell you what orthotic insert will fit your foot best. One of my friends is a chiropractor and even recommends these! They are $50, fit in almost all of my sneakers and booties and your back with thank you!!!

2. Old school slip on vans...all the praise hands!!!! They are $50, totally in right now and bonus your kids might even think your cool...maybe. I can wear these for a long day at the salon and don't even need to put my orthotics in them...yes I feel so cool saying "my orthotics" but a girls gotta do what she's gotta do.

3. Blondo Booties. I have been snagging these at the Nordstrom Anni sale every year. They have cute styles and are waterproof! My inserts fit in theses and I feel totally on trend with happy feet.

4. Uggs (not the furry boot variety) Uggs actually makes super comfy wedges! Mine are a 2 1/2 inch heel and the soles feel like Tempurpedic beds under your feet.

5. If you're into oxford style shoes like I am, I found these cute ones at DSW and totally can fit inserts in these too! I pretty much wore these all summer!

These are the latest that have been getting me by without needed a wheelchair the day after a long day at the salon.

Consider this my PSA to all of you youngins that there is no shame in old lady shoe support ya'll.

This job is THE BEST, but you can't deny that it is rough on your body.

Be kind to your feet...they have lots of places to take you. #hairstylistbusiness #howtogrowyourclientele #hairstylistbusinessblog #lifestyleblog #successfulhairstylist #professionalsalonowner #hairblog

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