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Personality Quiz and Salon Biz

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I love a quiz. Cosmo quiz, Buzz Feed, This or That, sign me up!!! It should come as no surprise that when I was presented with the concept of taking a personality quiz, I thought it was genius.

What is a personality quiz you ask? It is a series of questions designed to map out your personality within common markers. For example: it will help you define if you are an introvert or an extrovert (the answer is not as simple as you might think.)

The first test I ever took was the DISC Profile. No surprises on that one…I scored as a “High D.” The “D” stands for “Dominant.” My poor husband. But really, this was the beginning of a never-ending search into my personal make up.

Many corporate companies require you to take a test of this nature, or even provide one of their own during the interview process. Why would they do that? Because certain personality types are better suited for certain roles.

So, how does this apply to you and your day to day at the salon? So glad you asked!

It is so important to know what makes you tick! What fills you up, what wears you out? Did you know that your affinity towards or against procrastination is actually due to your personality make up?! Mind blown.

Here is why I believe this is so important.

The better you relate to yourself, the better you can relate to other people.

In this industry we are interacting with people non-stop. If you are in a traditional salon setting, you are not only navigating your client’s personalities, but also your co-workers. Your ability to deal with conflict is drastically increased when you understand your own personality, dare I say it, flaws.

I think that every single person should take a test of this nature just to better themselves. But, I REALLY feel that every salon should have their employees armed with this knowledge. Knowledge is power, and in a predominantly interaction-based industry this kind of knowledge is priceless.

Here are the links to my two favorite tests:

Meyers Briggs

DISC Profile

Do it!! How cool would it be if you all “got” each other on a whole new level. I swear to you, after you take it you will feel like someone just read your soul.

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