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Now is the Time to Plan Ahead

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

With the amount of accessible education in our industry reaching an all-time high, there are an abundance of opportunities for classes! If you are like me, you don’t want to have to think about what you are making for dinner this week, let alone plan your schedule out for the next year. But, time moves fast, and before you know it your days and money have been allocated to everything BUT what you wanted them to.

Maybe you’re the actual BOSS and you already have all of your ducks in a row months in advance…in that case you should stop reading and email me because I need to know your secrets.

Might I suggest that 2019 starts out with a plan. A lot of educators and companies already have published their dates for the upcoming year…or at least for the first half! They say, to have the perfect plan one must start with a list…the “they” is me actually.

So here we go. Get out your notebook (a cute one with llamas on it preferably) and Post Its and let’s get to it!

1. Set an education budget. UGHHHH. But seriously. Classes are not cheap and you don’t want to have those costs sneak up on you and then be scrambling to make it work. Make sure you are considering travel expenses if you are looking at classes that aren’t local. Or, maybe you have the money on hand, but really need to invest in other things with your business, not just education…gasp. Set a budget so that you know going into the year how much you are committing to spend and really try to stick to it!

2. Decide what areas you really want to invest in learning about! This might seem silly but it isn’t! Let’s be real, it would be amazing to be able to go to all the classes all the time, but we know this isn’t possible. Determine what you are going to prioritize learning about this year. Do you want to get better at color theory? Do you want to master razor cutting? Do you want to learn how to kill the balayage game? If you map out what you want to focus on then it will be easier to prioritize your time and money.

3. Hit the internet and start checking dates and schedules! Write down the dates and expenses of everything you are interested in. Go all out with your research and dream big!

4. Narrow down your list to what fits within your schedule and budget and pencil that stuff in! Shoot maybe even go ahead and buy your tickets! How accomplished would you feel then?!

Don’t let next year sneak up and opportunity pass you by.

Take your goals and your dreams into your hands and get a head start now. We are never done learning. A new stylist's education goals might be different than a veteran, but either way we should all be consistently investing in making ourselves better.

So go, get that cute notebook, maybe even a neon jelly pen and get to planning!

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