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It's OK to Say "No"

I spent the first few years of my career behind the chair having to dig myself out of a deep hole after the holidays. I would feel like that meme “can’t decide if I need a hug, an xl coffee, 6 shots of vodka, or two weeks of sleep.”

Have you ever been there?!?

I’m going to hope that this gets out to someone who is experiencing their first holiday season in the salon…YAY FOR YOU!!!! (Now, don’t do what I did.)


Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran and you need someone to give you a push or a boost. I’m your girl.

In order to take the best care of yourself, you have to come to grips with the reality of what your life looks like. You are not in an industry that winds down during this time of year, one that can kind of put things on more of an autopilot once Thanksgiving hits. This is your time to shine! This is your time to bust out some of the most amazing hair you’ve ever done! Show those clients that you are a time managing, hard-working BOSS!

Here’s the flipside though. I’m going to let you in on a little secret….YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL.

You cannot possibly attend EVERY Christmas party, make the cookies for your kid’s class, return all of your clients’ calls and texts, post the most amazing social media content, go to three Christmas Eve open houses, oh and by the way sleep, eat, and not die.

I gave it a really good go. I tried really hard to do it all, and I failed. I basically wanted to quit doing hair every year in January because I had burnt myself out to a crisp.


It is OK to say “no.”

Sit down with your cute planner, or notebook (currently using one with hearts now just saying) and map out your next few weeks. Do it now! Take the invites that are slowly starting to roll in, the activities you know you will have to participate in, the work functions, your dog’s Christmas photo shoot (just me…kidding I don’t do that) and write them down in front of you. Start thinking about what you might need to say no to now (insider tip, the right answer is not saying no to taking care of yourself).

Someone said something to me once that really hurt my feelings, but then I thought it through and realized, really, I had WON! She said, “You always say ‘no’ when we invite you to go out Missy, so we stopped asking.” At first, I was like “RUDE!” But, then I realized I was saying “No!” I was saying no to things so that I could say YES to other things. Things like growing my business behind the chair, things like tucking my kids in at night, things like actually finishing my dinner at the dining table.

Those YES things look different for all of us, but I’m going to tell you right now. Say “no,” say “no” now especially during this hurried season for us all so you can say “yes” to the things that really matter.

It’s ok to say “no.”

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