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I want you to know...

I want you to know…

That everyone starts out slow.

No one has it all together.

Everyone feels like a failure sometimes.

Starting anything new has got to be one of the scariest things on the face of this planet (maybe sky diving is scarier…but not by much).

Our minds thrive on consistencies, and the fear of that dreaded unknown can be enough to keep most from ever starting.

My deep dive into the inner workings of the hair industry has left me with the realization that as stylists, falling prey to these fears and roadblocks doesn’t just make us feel crummy. It actually can be the thing that keeps us from ever actually succeeding in this career.

I feel like we have to start talking more about it. We have to start fessing up to the truth vs the glitter and rainbows.

You have to want it to make it.

It doesn’t happen by chance.

Perhaps when you got into cosmetology school you were starry-eyed at the idea of being an “artist”, not having to work in an office, getting to wear cool clothes to work, and having a REAL “career” in a matter of months.

But, while all of these things are not lies…they are only part of the truth.

All things worth having, have a stark contrast to what made them so valuable...like that saying, “you can’t have the flowers without the rain” or “without the darkness, there can be no light”.

The same goes for how you START!!!

Without sacrifice, there can be no success. It literally does not exist. It doesn’t.

So…and I can’t even believe I’m going to say this, but I am.

If you don’t want to make sacrifices to make your career a success, quit now. Because you won’t make it. (ugh it makes me sick to tell someone to quit, but it’s the cold hard truth)

When you go to hair school, you have to make a time and financial sacrifice, and then in a perfect world you would be done and ready to have all the success in the world right?!


We have got to start viewing finishing school as the START of the SACRIFICE.

Here is my formula for success when you get out…it’s not glam.

The longer you are willing to make sacrifices in your career at the beginning, the more successful your career is going to be. Point blank.

Willing to work for very little money to assist and soak up all the knowledge? That’s money in the career success bank.

Willing to come in on your days off to do FREE hair to practice and learn more? That’s money in the career success bank.

Willing to do the grunt work in order to just be around someone who has the type of clients you would like to have one day? Money in the career success bank.

Do you get where I am going here?

It feels so counterproductive…you just graduated and are ready to launch, but this is your recipe for success.

Let yourself start slow.

Let yourself be ok with making some mistakes. You’ll learn so much faster.

I am so beyond committed to changing the percentage of stylists who stay in our industry for the long haul. But I need your help!

You have to be willing to sacrifice for success. Can you do it?! (I'm pretty positive you can)

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