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How to Build a Clientele Part 1

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Work work work work work (I'm literally singing this as I type it...ha!)

But seriously. You are done with your trainee program, or you are out of school and decided to go straight on to the salon floor...if you decided to skip the first option I beg you to read this "Don't get a job as a hairstylist right out of school".

You are going to have to put in some HOURS.

I promise you it will pay off!!!

I've talked about the importance of trying everything and this is your time to shine.

Take any and every client they hand your way...with one exception:

If you are given a a client who is requesting something out of your wheelhouse, be bold enough to say that you are not ready. You might need to say no to the salon manager, or even the client. But that is OK.

A client would rather have you tell them you cannot give them what they are asking for, than you promise something you cannot deliver.

(The hardest part I keep running into as I write these is knowing that there are about a billion different salon structures out there. With that in mind, I am just going to speak from my experience.)

Typically, an entry level stylist has a lower pay structure BINGO! People like to save that money! That will be a huge help in driving people to your chair.

Chances are, the walk in clients that you get fed right off the bat are not going to be asking for things that you really want to use to promote yourself...hello I was "tween boy haircut girl".

Take those clients anyway and use that time on the floor to:1. Make money (duh)2. Get comfortable with just being behind the chair!

Ok here's were it gets real and the work comes in...

Ask if you can come in on your days of...what??!


Offer to do your friends and fam on your days off at just the cost of product to the salon. This way, the salon isn't "loosing money" on your scheduled hours by you not being able to take a walk-in or a paying client.

Why tho?

You cannot buy the advertising that good work can create. Get those people that you are most comfortable with in your chair. Maybe even ask them to let you try something new on them! Because they are YOUR people ask them to promote the MESS out of their visit. Instagram that stuff! Then, because your not on the clock, take time to do a super fun photo shoot and start posting away!

Why tho #2?

The pressure is off so much more when you are working on people closest to you. Use that time to really GO FOR IT with your techniques!

Does this sound like something your salon owner or manager would let you do?! Or better yet, how are you trying to build your clientele??

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