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Goal Gear

OK. This is it!

I have so much expectation and excitement for 2019! Do you?!

I’ve talked about it before, but I’m going to do it again! If you just let the thoughts and ideas of what you WANT to be or WANT to happen swirl around your brain, chances are they are not going to ever get to happen!

Take time over the next few days. Really dive into what your hopes, dreams, and (I’m gonna say it) GOALS are for this next year.

If you haven’t downloaded my FREE Goal Setting Calendar make sure you do!!! It’s super simple, one page per month, and will help you be able to actually see your thoughts on paper!

When I really need to dig deep into work I have a pretty consistent mood I like to set. Creating an environment that you can look forward to is crucial to motivating yourself to take this time for planning. I can PROMISE you that if you can take this time, set it aside, and really be intentional you WILL see results.

Here is a quick list of my favorite things to use when I am sitting down to set ALL THE GOALS.

1. Volcano Candle

Have you ever been into an Anthropology store?! This is the smell!!! I have tried. I have tried and failed to find candles that even come close to this one. If you haven’t smelled it before just do yourself a favor and get one because it’s a game changer.

2. Gelly Roll Pens

These probably make me happier than they should, but who doesn’t love a fun gel pen? Your words 100% mean more when written in pink glitter, am I right?! I keep a zippered pouch of pens that my kids know is OFF LIMITS!

3. Coffee

I mean duh. But really, I always make a fresh new cup before I sit down to tackle any big project. My family says I have an emotional attachment to coffee and they are not wrong. So maybe coffee isn’t your thing, but get a fun seltzer, cup of tea, or hey wine if you’re into that.

4. Slippers

I basically live in slippers if I am home period. Do you?! Or am I a weirdo? Something about cozy feet makes me focus better. (ok that is weird)

5. Folders

These are for my Goal Guide! Don’t print the papers out and leave them in a pile. That is probably a recipe for them to get tossed aside. Get a folder, label it and put it somewhere you will see it often! I mean any folders will do, but I’m a sucker for a cute notebook or folder because it just makes me smile that much more when I go to get started!

You are going to blow your mind with how much you’re going to get done, and how much fun you’re going to have doing it! I just know it.

*I’ve created a page HERE with links to my favorites if you want to snag what I have!

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