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Education is More Important Than Your Tools

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Woah there girl! That's a bold statement blah blah. Hear me out.

Your parents get you your dream car for your birthday. Winning! Only one problem, you haven't taken behind the wheel yet. Sooo that car is going to do you no good...except maybe to sit in the driveway and listen to xm radio.

Do you see where I'm going here?

I loooove to highlight good tools, and I am the biggest fan of trying out all of the things to find your faves. BUT, I think sometimes we can get caught up in spending our money on the nice, shiny, new and fun.

That new Dyson dryer isn't going to do anything to keep clients in your chair if you haven't mastered the perfect blow out technique. NOPE!

I suggest this. Commit to yourself. Commit some time and money that you are going to spend each month on your education and business growth.

There is so much free stuff out there on Youtube, Behind the Chair, Modern Salon, and Instagram for pete sake. But, may I suggest that you need more?

Education that requires investment is not replaceable.

First...if you pay for something you are WAY more likely to follow through. We all like to feel like we are "getting our moneys worth".

Second...actually signing up for a series where you are going to learn a process from A-Z is going to make you much more likely to apply that knowledge on the salon floor.

Third...this is the best part...

Education warrants price increases. New tools do not.

Did you read that?!

I bought a new curling iron last year...I didn't get to raise my prices.

I invested in myself and attended the Beaty Coach Tour in NYC...that combined with being booked 6 weeks out allowed me to confidently justify why it was time to raise my prices


Take some time today. Dive into some research on what you would like to invest in. If you can't afford it right now, start planning for it NOW...don't just say "later".

Here is a list of a FEW of my favorites:

Salt Society- I took Jamie Sea's online education back when it was "Badass Balayage" and it changed my balayage game you guys. In the past few years she has exploded her education curriculum and it is AMAZING!

BCTV- BCTV is a monthly subscription for $50. The owners of 901 Salon curate weekly how to videos of some of their go to looks and techniques. They also invite some of the best in the business to come on and share their skills.

Oh Hot Gram- Jamie Dana has created a top notch guide for how to use Instagram as a hairstylist. Instagram made my head spin and subsequently my brain explode until I took that class. It was definitely a time commitment to work through the curriculum but it was worth it. At the end I felt armed with the knowledge I needed for how to make IG work for me. NOT how to get more followers you guys, but actually how to grow my business and be booked so far out that I made 2 price increases in one year.

Do you have a favorite education class or source? I'd love to hear about it!

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