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Creative Inspiration

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…I know, watch out world.

Have you ever sat back and watched those people that seem like they are on fire? Like they just keep going, keep working, keep coming up with new ideas, and really seem to LOVE it?!

I’ve noticed a common theme when observing these types of people. It’s not a magic wand, and they don’t have a unicorn (or llama if you’re into them) hiding in the back, making stuff happen for them.

They are inspired.

Inspiration can come in a myriad of forms, right? It can be to provide for your family. It can be to be the best you. It can be to be better than your sibling (just kidding, maybe).

But, in our industry, we have the opportunity to be inspired creatively. For most of us, this is what we crave the most. We can learn a new technique and actually crave a 10 hour day in the salon to execute it. We can want to master a certain look and push ourselves to practice until we get there!

Here’s where this gets really good…I know you are waiting for the good stuff.

More often than not, pursuing creative inspiration as a hairstylist results in more success. WHUT?!

When you are inspired, you become driven, when you are driven you become motivated to succeed. People can feel it, they can see it in you, and they want to be a part of it!

I’m going to be honest with you (I mean I always am). A few years ago, I was complacent. I started going into work like a robot. Retouch here, hi light there. I had steady books, referrals and income and felt blah.

I was bored. (I’m going to tell you right now a bored Missy is a recipe for disaster)

I started looking around and got super intrigued by balayage. They didn’t teach that in the good ole days. I had no idea what I was doing, I felt like a hot mess, but I was determined to figure it out.

I took some classes (@prettylittleombre , hey girl!) and was willing to fail a million times until I got it right.

You guys, I got inspired. I was hooked. I wanted to paint hair all day every day and my clients could feel it! They wanted in on what my new obsession was. I started branding myself towards the kind of hair I wanted to do, and my books became stacked with…you guessed it, balayage guests.

This series of events is what lead me to such demand, that I executed the largest pricing increase of my career.

Do you see where I am going here?!

If you are bored, blah, and feel like you’re over it, that’s ok! But, snap out of it sister!!!

Get inspired.

Find something that interests you, or sparks that fuel. Don’t show up to work blah, cause believe me your guests will feel it!

Start fueling your creativity. Start finding something that makes you want to come into work!

That right there can be a huge catalyst to your success!!!

So, what’s it gonna be? You tell me, are you going to stay bored? Or are you going to get your booty inspired?!

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