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Are You Setting Goals?

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

“Tell me what you want what you really really want”

If you don’t know what I’m quoting can we even be friends?

So, I have been doing some thinking (my dad would tell you this is dangerous.) I have a reputation with my family and friends of always getting my way. It has become a long running joke. Since I am totally into self-deprecating humor, I totally chime in and enforce this concept “I get what I want.”

I love that my efforts make it seem like I am just a spoiled brat, because if you’re doing it right it should look easy from the outside right? But, let’s just get one thing straight…I get what I want because I am willing to work for it. Period.

Now yes, luck and good vibes come into play, but I know very few people that are just handed the life of their dreams. Rather, the people who look like they are “winning” are probably the hardest workers I know.

When I was younger my parents gave us a great childhood, but there wasn’t much room for extras. Surprise, ya girl has expensive taste! So, I basically started babysitting when it was considered semi legal (emphasis on semi) and then at 15 got a job at a local pizza place waiting tables. Because, my ultimate goal was to be a well-dressed sophomore in high school ha!!! I have carried that same drive with me ever since. Is there something I want to accomplish? Let’s go do it!

The best way to work towards the career you want is by setting goals.

Otherwise, time will just pass by and you will be stuck wondering why things look the same.

1. Set very small easily achievable goals. This is for your self esteem! What can you change today? What can you do tomorrow that affects the next day? If you’re like me you love getting to give yourself a big check mark that you have achieved something! Give yourself those small wins.

2. Set BIG goals. If you are giving yourself small wins, you will have the motivation and confidence to go after the HUGE ones! When I am setting big goals I use the mindset that I would be disappointed if I saw someone else achieve that task. Does that mean I don’t route for them? Absolutely not! But, what I know is this... if I have an idea or something I want to achieve, I don’t pursue it, and watch someone else go after it I would be disappointed with myself.

3. Write them down!!! Write it all down! The big goals, the tiny, the in between. Write them down with dates and you will amaze yourself when you look back on your month, or even year with what you have accomplished!

4. Make a plan. Take your goals and write down actionable steps to achieve them. Don’t know where to start? Spend some time researching “how to” and get it down on paper! I carry around a goofy spiral notebook (currently with hearts, in the past it was a skateboarding dog cause why not) so I always have something on hand when I need to map stuff out!

Now let's be real. There are a million self help, empowering authors who are all out there preaching goal setting. But, I would be remiss for not bringing this topic to the table when talking running your business as a hairstylist.

What are your goals? Is something smaller like managing your time with each client better? Do you want to be a salon owner, educator, or even influencer. Don’t sit back and “want it” go after it and GET IT!

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