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Sometimes I think we wear the badge of “hustle” like it’s some kind of award. Life is fast paced now, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. But guess what? Your hustle, your grind, it looks different than mine.

I have caught myself WAY too often just piling things on to my plate. I could say for no reason, but deep down, I know what that reason is. I’m taking on more things, jumping to the next big thing to try and keep up.

I’m trying to validate what I’m doing by running with the others.

First of all, that has ended me up in big fat stages of BURN OUT.

Second, I end up being jack of all trades and master of none!

So, here’s what I’m thinking. What if you challenged yourself to just STAY? Stay in something and master it. Stay and really, really feel like you’ve accomplished that task. Those other things? They will still be there. And guess what, after you’ve really mastered what it is you set out to do you might not even feel the need to tackle them.

Stay. So, you can really niche down and become the best you can be at each task you put your mind to.

What are you wanting to master?

Is it balayage? Dive into it! Really! Take the classes, break out the doll head, try every lightener, and experiment with every brush.

Is it hair cutting? Again, surround yourself with education about the cuts you most want to replicate! The more comfortable you become with a technique the more you are going to have the confidence to put your own spin on it! Test out your co-worker’s shears (ask them please, cause nobody wants a salon fight). I discovered that I liked a shear 1” longer than the one I had been cutting with for 13 years after asking to try my coworker’s!!!

Is it how to really build your business? WELLL, you’ve come to the right place. But, really. There is SO much out there. Search the Google. Sign up for a free webinar. Read one of the MILLION books! Business doesn’t always feel as glamorous to study, but its super glam when you’re running a kick BOOTY enterprise.

Those are just a few ideas! What is it you want to tackle? Tackle it head on, really focus confidently on one task before jumping to the next. You are going to grow quicker and stronger by really centering your focus.


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