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5 Tools for Leveling Up Your Social Media


Canva is an amazing graphics design platform for the regular Jo’s like me (maybe you too?) who aren’t super proficient in Photoshop. It is fully equipped with tons on amazing templates for you to create your own content and stay within your personal brand! You can upload your own photos, save your fonts and even save your brands colors (if you have them) to be reused on all of your created designs!

Creative Market

I stumbled upon this site when I was helping my husband create content for his business and was like “where has this been all of my life?!” Think Etsy for all things digital. You can download backgrounds and really fabulous templates that you can then transfer to Canva and keep your branding even more consistent. There are even website templates and stock photo images on there for prices that are a steal!


Speaking of Etsy, it’s not just for cute graphic T’s and hair bows. There are tons of digital resources on there that I like, that are extremely affordable and that make your content instantly level up.


Unfold is a free app you can use to create your Instagram Stories in. It is extremely user friendly and allows you to change fonts, colors and even plug multiple pictures into one story. It makes your stories look like you had someone design them for you!

A Design Kit

This is an app I am newer to using and already LOVING! It is another option for building amazing stories and posts for your feed. You can add cute stickers to your photos (like the ones Instagram has in Stories) and I am totally digging the background options available!

Download these apps today, and get ready for some game changing content!

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