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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

Listen up here…I figure I did stuff the wrong way so maybe you don’t have to!

So here it goes. 5 Things, in no particular order, that I wish I knew.

1. No one gives out awards for fancy shoes.

No, seriously. They might give you an “Oh look at you, you cute!” But they aren’t going to pay for your chiropractor when your back goes out fifteen years later.

Start smart! Sneakers are your friends. I love a good pair of slip on vans, or even high tops. If your salon environment wants you to be more dressed up, that’s ok I have a secret for that too! It’s called Dr. Scholl’s.


Pop those orthotic inserts in your shoes and you will be writing me a thank you note at the end of the day!

Because I spent so many years wearing the wrong shoes, I now have some pretty gnarly back issues that I have to get regularly treated. Don’t do what I did!

2. It’s ok to say “I don’t know.”

I was taught under the guise of “fake it till you make it.” While I do believe you have to start somewhere and you need to do your best to portray confidence even when you’re like, *emoji brain exploding* on the inside, you need to know when it is RIGHT to say, “I don’t know.”

We are messing with chemicals people! Like, could catch fire, make hair fall off, turn every color of the rainbow, and so on CHEMICALS!

When you are starting out, if a guest asks for something that you do not feel confident in, and you don’t have anyone to help you make an informed decision, be empowered to say you can’t do it!

I promise promise that the embarrassment of that conversation is WAY better than the one after the chemical explosion.

3. The first time you do ANYTHING you’re not going to be good at it.

I am a “recovering perfectionist.”

Nothing brings you to your knees faster than thinking you‘re going to bust out an a-line bob perfectly the first time. The stuff we are doing requires body positioning, coordination, and a measure of a trained eye. These things take practice to develop!

What if you had never ever ridden a bike, and got ticked that you couldn’t do it without training wheels for 3 miles your very first time?

Do you follow me here?

4. Nutrition matters.

I feel like I could just leave that word there and you’d be like…”yup.” We joke about it, we pride ourselves in consuming all of our calories after an 11 hour shift…but ya’ll!!! That is not sustainable!!!

Lack of proper nutrition and irregular eating habits right off the bat led to some pretty crummy digestive issues for me.

Don’t feel like you have to have it all together, but make some effort to set yourself up for success ok?

Here are some ideas:

-bring water

-make a smoothie or something that you can consume on the go

-pack high quality snacks (I love a protein bar, Greek yogurt, cut up peppers, turkey jerky and nuts)

This isn’t a huge amount of effort to just grab a few of these things! I get it if you don’t feel like or have time to pack your lunch and eat it when starting out but be smart about that!

5. Humility goes way further than pride.

You’re fresh out of school. Scurry. The girls on the floor all know what’s up. You’ve been watching their work for a few years now on social media. Knee jerk instinct is to go in and puff yourself up like a fishy “I got this, I know what I’m doing.”

Ok ok, be confident…you do GOT THIS!

However, going in and acting like you already know everything they know, and trying to over compensate your ego for your insecurities in this new environment is a recipe for disaster!

Be humble enough to ask questions!

Be humble enough to complement their work!

Be humble enough to ask for help!

5 Things!

These 5 things can set you up for a kick booty start sister! Did any of these help? I’d love to know! Shoot me an email to Missy@soyoureahairstylist or dm on Instagram @soyoureahairstylist.

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