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5 Steps to Prepare for Maternity Leave

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I got pregnant with our first daughter when I was 21. We had been married for exactly a year, and I had only been booth renting for about 18 months.


I wouldn't change it for the world, but we were not ready for it. I had nooo idea how to prepare my business for such a huge transition. So naturally I winged it...but my business lived to see another day, year etc etc.

If I can do it, you can do it!

5 Steps to Prepare for Maternity Leave:

1. Save your moneyThe moment you find out you are pregnant start saving what extra you can. If you are work for yourself like I did you are going to need to be able to cover your expenses for your time off. Those 9 months go by fast and the last thing you want while you are all swollen with cankles is to be scrambling to make money to cover your time off.

2. Scout other stylist to take on your clientsTalk to other stylist who you know and trust and see if they would be willing to take on some of your clients while you are off. I worked this out with one of the fellow booth renters in the salon pretty far in advance. She was even willing to come in an extra day a week just to add time to her schedule! It obviously helped me out, and she enjoyed making the extra money for a few weeks so it was a win win!

3. Figure out your new schedule before you go on maternity leaveGo ahead and work through your schedule. Figure out if you are going to keep it the same, or if you're going to need to make some changes once you come back. Start making your clients familiar with what your new schedule is going to be before you take off.

4. Set up your clients returning appointmentsThis might be the most important. Once you have set them up to work with another stylist while you are off, make their appointment for your return BEFORE you have the baby. Nothing is going to stress you out as a new mom more than realizing its time to come back to work and now you have to fill your schedule. Do it before you are sleep deprived!

5. Mentally prepare yourself to loose a few clientsYou can set up this scheme perfectly and you might still loose a few. THAT'S OK! You will get more clients I promise. Don't panic over anyone who ends up not wanting to come back, you don't need any extra stress in your life...hello 2 hours of sleep!

Did you notice a common theme here??? PREPARE. If you are not on your own and in a commission salon these are still processes that you can use! The more work you put into the transition before you have the baby, the easier coming back is going to be.

The bottom line in my thought process for arranging my business for my maternity leave was this...I'm a service provider.

As much as I was internally freaking out, and had no idea how exactly I was going to pull everything off, I made the whole transition about my clients. I made sure they felt settled and taken care of, and it really paid off.

Have you had to go out on maternity leave yet?? I'd love to hear what worked for you!

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